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To purchase a copy of
‘Something On My Mind’
and to have it delivered anywhere in the world, follow this link.
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The pictures included in this catalogue are marked:
Original picture available Available
Picture sold Red dot
Reserved Blue dot
Print available Green dot
Limited edition print available Yellow dot

All other pictures are available for purchase.
Original paintings are priced at approximately £700 - £5,500
Original drawings: £200 – £1,500
High quality digital prints, signed by the artist: (all prints are a maximum size of 329 * 483 mm) £95
Limited edition high quality digital prints, signed by the artist: £300

For details of specific pictures or illustrative commissions, and books please make contact
via the adjacent e-mail address. Payment via
Paypal, Worldpay, or Bank transfer. e-mail: mail@alcazu.com tel: 07745606275

Unless already sold, all of the pictures on this website are for sale. Those contained within the eBooks that can be viewed within the Books section are also available.

The cost of all of these original artworks can be spread over a period of ten months by making use of our Artinvest scheme. For details of this contact: mail@alcazu.com





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These three books collectively titled ‘Home’ are available in print. Book 1) ‘Moorland Magic’, 2) ‘Cornwall Coast to Coast’, and 3) ‘Falmouth Sketches’. These books are now available as limited edition copies (1-100) prior to widespread publication. Each one of these limited publications is hand signed by the artist/author. The cost is £45. e-mail: mail@alcazu.com

These books are also now available as paperbacks, and at a much lesser cost (unsigned) from Al's Amazon'Author’s Page’.

three books

It is acknowledged that these exclusive artworks are expensive, therefore Al has recently published a range of work that can be purchased as prints or greeting cards at affordable prices, to view these go to:

thunder7 Free Downloads:

Seven images issue 01 print ready PDF 50MB, blank screen during download.
Tunes from this website: Cotton Moon. Life’s a Dangerous Thing.
Beyond my Will. Something on My Mind. Can’t Let Go. Dangerous Dog.
I’m a Wreak. Schooner Race. Salute to Django. Chief of Chiefs. Crescents.
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