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This publication is Al’s book titled
"From Hell's Mouth To The Lizard". It includes much of the artwork that he has created since his last project ‘Three Rivers And An Ocean’. Unlike some earlier publications, the words within this book are extremely personal, and at times quite profound. The pictures in this book are tightly intertwined with the words written.

Author's Statement:
“In this book I have attempted to do for myself what is somewhat different. Within the words I try to communicate to the reader my own feelings and thoughts while following a trail around the coast of Cornwall. Interlaced within that narrative are comments that pertain to the technical craft of painting and how I myself approach it. Also dovetailed into the words are some of my personal philosophies and beliefs with regard to life in general.”

It is now no secret that at this time Al is battling with major health issues including cancer. The book’s narrative is clearly influenced by the concept of  threatened mortality.

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For This Book

Lamont Cranston USAstars"Touches all of your senses".
Take a journey with Alan Williamson through the seasons, land and sea. Alan captures the beauty in our world and leads you to appreciate it from afar and close up. His words let you into his mind and you feel as though you are sitting beside him capturing the moment. This book is pure beauty. It is a book that will offer you different perspectives each time you open the cover.

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This Book Is Now Available
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Three Rivers & An Ocean
is a collection of Al’s pictures that were inspired by the Helford River, The Penryn River, and The Truro River. The book also contains extracts from his written notebooks and journals.

Quote From Book.
'I set up the cabin of my dear sloop the ‘Caledonia’ to double-up as an art studio and began a series of images that would focus upon life on the water. This collection of pictures is not an example of polished and finished artworks; it is a number of pencil and watercolour sketches that derive from impressions of the wonderful rivers, creeks, and marine life that exists here in Cornwall.'

Book review by Frank Jordon (Art Critic)5stars
As yet I have only seen the eBook version of this publication. The pictures I think are some of the best that this artist has created. The words that accompany this collection of Al’s images offer an insight into his thoughts and feelings. Some of the statements that he makes are quite powerful, and elevate the images from not just being ‘Good Art’ to being ‘Important Art’. This work is well worth taking a look at. For those who have already read Al’s life story this follow on is
an absolute must.

bookAl has at long last written his autobiography. The book is titled
‘I Guess You Had To Be There’.
It is a publication that reflects on his life from his formative years until the present day. It is a story not just about Alan the artist but is also a narrative that takes the reader on a passage through time.

The story begins just after the end of World War Two, and the ending years of travel by steam trains. It then transports the reader through the heady days of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s.As the story continues it documents Al’s travels and adventures, along with the development of his artwork, and his escapades at sea throughout the late period of the last millennium, and then concludes during the early decades of the 21st Century. It ia a tale about life and the willingness to live it. Al has dedicated this book to all of those who against all odds, will still roll the dice.
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Typical Reader's Reviews For This Book

5.0 out of 5 stars 5stars
A great read, highly recommended
By Michael Alexander Sutton 2016
Format: Paperback. Verified Amazon Purchase
I would thoroughly recommend 'riding the waves' and 'a journey through the years' with Al Cazu. A look into this colourful character's past is also an opportunity to re-visit a time when culture and social conventions were so different. In this very honest auto biography Al lays his soul bare, enabling even the most hardened reader to empathise with a lifetime of both touching and tragic moments. It is clear throughout the book of how his love of art and creativity saved him on more than one occasion and it is this passion which I personally can relate too. In fact, it is in his final 'ships log' and his entry 'making pictures' that moved me the most. The way he talks about art and the 'looking, seeing, feeling, thinking...' not the 'how' but the 'experiencing for yourself' is what I try to convey to the young people I teach in the hope of translating this very message.

5.0 out of 5 stars 5stars
It really is like reading an adventure story

By Raymond Gerlach 2016
Format: Paperback. Verified Amazon Purchase
I had met the author some time ago who was a fascinating character and when I saw this book I thought it maybe an interesting read . Well it certainly was that and more. It really is like reading an adventure story ! My little encounter is very accurately recorded and I read the rest of the book with envy on how one person had so many interesting adventures and experiences. I particularly liked the way the ships log and main story intertwined - very clever. The story really flowed and it was one of those books that I found hard to put down as I always wanted to know what happened next ! It was exciting; funny; at times sad but never boring ! How he got to this stage of life relatively unscathed is a mystery but quite remarkable ! Would make a very interesting film.

Mind's Eye
Al's book 'Mind's Eye' (This contains more examples of his artwork and writings) is also now published..
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An eBook can be viewed on this site at: 'Mind's Eye'

Mind’s Eye includes some of the words written in Al’s journals. Some of these extracts might be considered to be contemporary poetry. The links below are to Audio Files. These are three examples of Al’s words that are included in this book.
  1. ‘Mind’s Eye’
  2. ‘Freedom’
  3. ‘Pianist Disappeared’

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Mind's Eye
Now available, published and printed is Al’s children’s book titled ‘Alf’. It is a tale loosely based on a true account. The story of Alf relates to one of Al’s dogs, and some of the adventures that canine friend brought about.
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An eBook along with an audible narrative for this book is published online at: www.alcazu.com/alf

There is also a webpage linked to this project that is intended to demonstrate to young would-be storytellers how such creative endeavours are produced. It includes how a storyboard is created, and examples of how a narrative is transformed into a script and screenplay. This is available at: www.alcazu.com/alfstory

Moorlands'Moorland Magic' is a collection of drawings and paintings that were created during various visits to Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor.
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An eBook of this book is published online at: www.alcazu.com/moorlands

Sketches'Falmouth Sketches' is a collection of drawings and paintings of the port of Falmouth. It includes images of the towns architecture, and some written accounts Falmouth’s history.
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An eBook of this book is published online at: www..alcazu.com/falmouth

Coast'Cornwall, Coast to Coast' These drawings and paintings were derived from an exploration of the Cornish Coastline, and are accompanied by a written narrative that describes the journey
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An eBook of this book is published online at:


With the intention of making Al’s books more available and affordable, Cazu Productions & Publishing are marketing all of the above books through Amazon Publishing:
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Message Of Thanks From Al

I offer my huge appreciation to everyone who has contacted me and complimented me on my artwork. The adoration cheers me on dark days.

I especially thank those who have become collectors my prints and original works, I hope they bring you enjoyment.

Walk On By?



HomelessHM spacerI once again thank everyone who has expressed an appreciation of my artwork. If I may, I now ask you to consider something that makes me sad.

Recently I had reason to visit the hospital in the city of Truro. I had travelled by train and arrived hours before my appointed time for my medical consultation, so I sought out somewhere to get some breakfast in the area that is close to the cathedral. The time was approaching when office workers and shop assistants were soon to begin their day of work.

In the city 8.30am is also the time when those who sleep on the street must attempt to make themselves invisible (it is much the same in towns and cities everywhere).
Click on 'Slide Show' to enlarge animation.

Being invisible is not difficult when those that you would hide from wear blind eyes. The sight of desperate and lonely people sleeping rough makes me ashamed, and so it should do for everybody. NO! Don’t say it is a life style choice (how dare you?) During the years that I was a lecturer I interviewed many hundreds of applicants wishing and hoping to enter art school or university. I always asked interviewees what they hoped to be doing ten years down the line. Not once did I ever hear the words “I want to be homeless, cold, and hungry”.

I have produced a few sketches of homeless people and attempted to commit to paper their plight and desperation.

The above picture titled: ‘Hope” is available for you to download as a high-resolution printable file for free (will print well up to 24” in length) (11MB).

To download this file free of charge click here, and then from the browser menu bar select save:

In return I would ask of you that next time that you encounter someone who is obviously sleeping rough, look into their eyes, speak to them, you might even buy them a coffee. Or of course a small donation to them or a charity for homelessness is also good.   

Maybe the reason that so many of us turn our heads away from the homeless is fear. It is not the fear of the unfortunate ones, it is the fear of being there yourself.

Many thanks for reading this,


Stolen W!ork

Stolen Artwork

Following Al’s exhibition of ‘Falmouth Sketches’ the pictures were stored in the Falmouth Hotel. These were intended to be displayed in the bar and restaurant. However, it would appear that the entire collection has disappeared. Also missing is a number of books and prints, the proceeds of which was advertised as being donated to Cancer Relief. The only conclusion is that these paintings, drawings, and book have been stolen.

Book CoverAll of the artwork that has gone missing is illustrated in Al’s book publication titled ‘Falmouth Sketches’. This can be viewed as an e-book at: www.alcazu.com/falmouth
If you ever see any of these works displayed or for sale please contact us at: mail@alcazu.com

Al’s statement:
I think that the most disappointing aspect this theft is lose of charitable funding. The artwork was valued in the tens of thousands, and that hits hard, but on the other side it is rather flattering. Although countless artworks are regularly stolen, not many artists have an entire collection go missing in one go. 

Sales and Auctions For Charitable Causes

Great Ormand Street

Sea Mist & Stars


Tall Ships

Al is very willing to donate artworks to raise money for worthy charitable causes. To discus this contact:

During the past twelve months one original painting titled ‘Sea Mist & Stars’ was bought by a private collector who donated the full value of the picture directly to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital. A second painting titled ‘Tall Ships’ was auctioned to raise funding for Sailability (an organisation that funds the opportunity for people who suffer from disability and other impediments to experience being at sea in small boats.



All of the pictures, including those contained within the illustrated book are for sale as originals, prints, or limited editions. To enquire about buying Al’s artwork please contact us at:
Below are examples of works that are not as yet published elsewhere.



From The Heart

Amplified Energy

Amplified Energy


Two On The Roof

Welcome Guests

Welcome Guests

Sculpture 01

Recently Resold

This metal sculpture titled ‘Mr Winds’ is one of the artist’s early works. It was originally sold by a gallery in London for the princely sum of fifteen guineas (£15.75p). The buyer took the sculpture to Madrid (Spain), where it has remained for many years. It has since changed hands several times. Following the recent publication of Al’s book ‘Mind’s Eye’ (that includes a photograph of this art piece) it has again been sold. The selling price had increased by 10,000%. This surly demonstrates that this artist’s work is well worth investing in.  


Recorded Lecture

Rcently published on this website is the Audio File of a recording of Al's lecture that he delivered
on the topic of 'IDEAS'
. Listen to this lecture.



Chinese Television

There is soon to be a showing on TV in China of Al’s film ‘It’s All About Energy
This movie Al produced and directed in 2001. It was originally created to be shown on a large wrap-around screen at the GIAI Energy Centre. Since then it has been translated into several different languages, and shown worldwide. The message that underpins this film is that of humankind’s insatiable need for more and more energy, and the use of fossil fuels. It advocates that we do have alternative sources of energy that are sustainable and renewable.   



Work In Progress

An art critic recently suggested that Al’s work had become purely aesthetic and was no longer as shocking or powerful as
it once was. That is proven to be untrue by the three oil paintings that he is currently working on. These pictures are destined to be exhibited in Venice, Italy later this year. One of these as yet unfinished works is shown above. It is titled:
‘By The Light Of A Burning Bridge’. The picture is set in Lucerne, Switzerland, and depicts the ancient Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) that crosses the Reuss River. It is a profound and poignant painting that includes many veneers of meaning and although Al insists that it makes no comment with regard to Picasso, the Picasso Museum is genuinely located on the southern side of the bridge (left side of painting). This picture also includes a rare self portrait of Al himself.

Rarely, if ever Seen
Al was somewhat incensed by recent media comments that his artwork had lost the deeper meaning that it once held, so he has released some example images of his work that are normally a private exchange between buyer and artist. This facet of Al’s artwork is often considered to be inappropriate, distasteful, and sometimes shocking.


‘Love At First Flight’
is a picture of two flies sitting on a pile of dog’s shit. This painting was recently purchased by a private collector.


The Hobby

‘The Shared Hobby’
is a large oil painting from Al’s ‘The Relationship’ series of images


‘The Impossible Ambition’
depicts the image of a very fat lady attempting to climb a tree in the search of insects that she could eat.



























































































































































































































































































































































Well, my second bow cancer operation has now taken place and the results all appear to be good.

I was in the hospital for quite some time so had plenty of time to finish this animation titled ‘My Brush With Hades’. Most of the words and images were created live while cruising through a morphine haze.

The medication that followed I do not recommend but considering that the treatment includes saving my life, being constantly surrounded with beautiful females, plus free food and drugs I’m not about to complain.

I hope that you like this movie.

Hades take 01


Thank you so much to everyone who sent to me good wishes while I was really ill. They did help a lot. Well I survived the cancer op and it is thought that I will fully recover. It is a strange feeling knowing that your life has just been saved.

A few people had asked when my new book would be published. It now is and is available.
Order a Hardcopy from Amazon.

An eBook version is still available to view at:

An Audiobook version can be listened to at: Hell's Mouth To The Lizard Audio

This book can also be translated into more than a hundred languages by going to: HM Translate

My project ‘From Hell’s Mouth To The Lizard’ is now complete. I have therefore produced this music video that underlines my journey these past eighteen months. I hope you enjoy it.

Now I can embark upon my next project. This will be titled (not surprisingly):
‘My Brush With Hades’.



A new series of paintings completed today (Jan 19th 2019)..
These are for the new book that Al is working on, titled ‘From Hell’s Mouth To The Lizard’.

The Gods willing this book is hoped to published by early summer this year.

The Narrow Escape

    1) 'The Narrow Escape'

Teryn Dinas

2) 'Teryn Dinas'

The Campfire

3) 'The Campfire'

Hard Aground

4) 'Hard Aground'

Hells Mouth

5) Hell's Mouth'


Finished oil paintings December 2018 from the colour studies that I produced this past summer.

Title: ‘Spellbound’.
Oil on canvas 36” x 24”.
Location: fHell’s Mouth.

Ernest Hemingway (Author) once said his ambition was to write one true sentence while using as few words as possible. That is how I have approached the lyrics of these new paintings.


Title: ‘Godspeak’.
Oil on canvas 36” x 24”.
Location: Cape Cornwall.


Title: ‘Discovery’.
Oil on canvas 36” x 24”.
Location: Lizard Point.


Title: ‘What Does She Look For?’.
Oil on canvas 36” x 24”.
Location: Sennen Cove.


Title: ‘Elysian’. Oil on canvas 36” x 24”.
Location: Kanance Cove.




'From Hell's Mouth To The Lizard'

New work – Oct 2018

I borrowed the pictures from the ocean, coastline, and the sky, while
making the music from the wind and sounds of the tides.

This past springtime my dear friend for many years and myself were contemplating a painting excursion that would take us around the southern peninsular of Cornwall.

Before our art expedition occurred, to the braking of my heart ‘H’ as I always referred to him suffered a fatal heart attack while taking his usual daily swim in the ocean.

For some months I was unable to talk about the deep loss that H’s departure left me with, and myself stopped painting.

However, I picked up and visited some of the places we had considered worthy of drawing and painting.

These are some of the colour sketches that I have produced this past late summer.

The journey begins on the wild North Cornwall Coast, rounds Land’s End, and eventually arrives at the most southerly place where the rocks of England kiss the ocean, ‘Lizard Point’.

I salute you my old friend. May your gods go with you.

As we agreed: ‘Young men learn to paint in order to learn how to live. Old men paint so that they may learn how to die.”



New work May 2018
Title: ‘Here Comes The Sun’
(18”x24” / 457x610mm Pastel)


New work May 2018
Title: ‘Can’t Read The Stars? You’d Better Take A Map’
(18”x24” / 457x610mm Pastel)


New work May 2018
Title: ‘Sanzaru’ (Three Wise Monkeys)
(30”x30” / 762x762mm Oil on canvas)


‘El Partido Polí
tico’ (Spanish)
‘Le Parti Politique’ (French)

‘The Political Party’ (English & American)

Sporting their grotesque masks but still unable to hide the poisonous lies upon their foul tongues, our elected representatives squabble in the pit.

Their widely publicised conflict over petty and inconsequential matters is nothing more than an orchestrated distraction.

Behind the backdrop of reality and cloaked from truth, they bare their teeth and screech and fart toxic missiles from their arses. While wounded decency and justice drops to its knees, the scales of compassion are tipped and then overwhelmed with the weight of innocent blood.



Pastels & Coloured Pencils

I thought it was springtime and then the winter returned. While waiting to get outside and start some plein air painting I have for the first time since I was eight years old been experimenting with using pastels.


Pastel slide show

Snow Anim

First Art Expedition Of The Year

I was determined to on the first day of spring to go out and again begin to make some pictures under the sky but was not expecting The Beast From The East (UK’s worst snow storm in seven years). However, I did produce a few sketches.


Miraculous Seasons

I couldn’t get out much this past winter so against the persuasion of being a plein air painter and preferring to work alla prima, I spent my time of hibernation working from pencil sketches and watercolour studies that I had done earlier.

I know only too well that if you want to radically improve your music playing of the blues, then play classical (along with it’s accepted rules, laws, and command of mathematics) for a few months. The result can be liberating.

Therefore, I thought to apply that same approach to my artwork. The results of my endeavours can be viewed here.

Homeward Path

The Homeward Path (24”x36” Oil on canvas)

The Avenue

The Avenue On A Cold Sunday Afternoon (24”x36” Oil on canvas)

Woodland springtime

Rejuvenation Of  The Woodland (24”x36” Oil on canvas)

Summer Days

Long Lush Lazy Days (24”x36” Oil on canvas)

Since my childhood I have been fascinated by the work of scenic artists in the theatre. This I think has been a lifelong influence on my own artwork. Within these recent paintings that inspiration has again become very apparent. I hope that the benefits of tightening up will improve my picture making when I return to working fast and outdoors.


This is some of Al’s work being produced during the winter of 2017-2018. These works are now available as limited editions printed on polished and brushed metal or acrylic. For information about these artworks or to purchase the originals please email us.

Miorai (The Fates)

1) The Alchemist’s Daughter (‘Clotho’ in Greek, ‘Nona’ in Latin)
2) The Philosopher’s Widow (‘Lachesis’ in Greek, ‘Decuma’ in Latin)
3) Fortuna’s loving Cousin (‘Atropos’ in Greek, ‘Morta’ in Latin)

The story of the Miorai dates back to ancient times. It is in part legend, embraces mythology, and dovetails in to history, and who knows if it is not partly true?

If we return to the chapter of history that illustrates the times of early Egypt where gold mined from the Sudan was in abundance and the god Thoth was the father of numbers and language, the early Greeks were travelling to the land of Egypt for trade but they also exchanged culture, beliefs, and ideas. By both cultures gold was highly valued and considered to hold metaphysical powers. Although Greek mythology is a marriage of history and fantasy it does give insight into the values and beliefs that early culture. Both Plato and Homer wrote of an earlier time that they refer to as ‘The Golden Age’, this was a time when the earth offered up so much food that there was no need of agriculture. The point here being that the term ‘Gold’ had been attributed with not just a physical value but also with a symbolic one.

By the time Classical Greece had evolved and a prescribed set of gods had been adopted, among the many gods and demigods were feminine and masculine entities who supposedly possessed various traits and abilities including the capability of metamorphosing into animals. Alongside these gods were the Mioria (the three fates), these women were not gods but were said to be even more powerful than any god other than Zeus himself. The role of these females is believed to be to determine the life and destiny of all humans. The first being named ‘Clotho’ spun the thread of life, ‘Lachesis’ measured and dispensed the thread, and ‘Atropos’ cut it (thus determining the individuals moment of death).

After thousands of years of history had passed humankind no longer held belief in the ancient gods but the fascination of gold held fast, and the concept of fate persisted. Gold began to be mined all around the world but it was rare, difficult to find, and hazardous to harvest, therefore it’s value drastically increased.

The name Alchemy for most people brings to mind an image of deluded would-be conjurers attempting to transform base metals into pure gold during medieval times. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Alchemy was actually born back in ancient Egypt. Most probably it was the Egyptian beliefs in life after death, and the mummification procedures they developed that possibly gave rise to a basic knowledge of chemistry and the aim of the ultimate goal of
attaining immortality.

There are many accounts of forms of alchemy being practiced by various peoples and cultures world-wide. These may have evolved independently, without influence, and are difficult to date. But we do know that it was after 332 BC, when Alexander the Great had conquered Egypt. That alchemy as we know it came to what we now know as Europe. Greek philosophers became interested in the Egyptian ways. Greek views of how matter is made up of the four elements of nature - Fire, Earth, Air and Water, were merged with the Egyptian sacred science. The result was Khemia, the Greek
word for Egypt.   

The introduction of alchemy to the west came in the 8th Century when the Arabs brought it to Spain. From here it quickly spread to the rest of Europe.
The Arabian belief was that metals are made up of mercury and sulfur in varying proportions. Gold was seen as the perfect metal and all others were less perfect, an idea popular among western alchemists. It was a very popular idea indeed, that these lower metals could be transmuted into gold by means of a substance known as the ‘Philosophers Stone’.
The stone is also believed to be able to confer immortality, the Chinese name for it being the ‘Pill of Immortality’.
My own visual representation of the Miorai adopts a reverie of semiotics that include some symbols from the early periodic table and astrological signs, along with symbolic representations of the concepts of ‘reason’, ‘logic’, ‘probability’, ‘imagination’, and ‘creativity’. Each of the three pictures also includes the use of contemporary iconography. How to read and interoperate the intended messages held within these paintings is intentionally left to the viewer’s own intellect and power of imagination.

The use of gold within these pictures is genuine 23 carat. Although each individual painting within this trilogy stands alone, the three together form a set that should be displayed and viewed in the prescribed sequence.


The Alchemist’s Daughter


The Philosopher’s Widow


Fortuna’s loving Cousin



This Book Is Now Published
Order a Hardcopy from Amazon
To view an eBook version of it now go to:

Three Rivers & An Ocean is a collection of Al’s pictures that were inspired by the Helford River, The Penryn River, and The Truro River. The book also contains extracts from his written notebooks and journals.

Quote From Book.
'I set up the cabin of my dear sloop the ‘Caledonia’ to double-up as an art studio and began a series of images that would focus upon life on the water. This collection of pictures is not an example of polished and finished artworks; it is a number of pencil and watercolour sketches that derive from impressions of the wonderful rivers, creeks, and marine life that exists here in Cornwall.'

Book review by Frank Jordon (Art Critic)5stars
As yet I have only seen the eBook version of this publication. The pictures I think are some of the best that this artist has created. The words that accompany this collection of Al’s images offer an insight into his thoughts and feelings. Some of the statements that he makes are quite powerful, and elevate the images from not just being ‘Good Art’ to being ‘Important Art’. This work is well worth taking a look at. For those who have already read Al’s life story this follow on is
an absolute must.


Circusspacer Mooncons

Rediscovered Early Paintings

Some of Al’s early artwork has recently been rediscovered. These works are some of the only oil-paintings that’s location is presently known that date back this far. The paintings are titled ‘Circus Sunday (version 01)’ and ‘Dance of the Mooncons (full colour)’. Both works were created in 1976. These rare examples of Al’s work now belong to a collector in the USA, and their value is estimated as exceeding a six figure buying price.


Best Selling Prints 2016-2017

'Morning Joy' (Top Left)
'Thor' (Bottom Left)
These are recently Al’s top selling prints. Below are comments made about this artwork. These compliments have been given from varying artists from around the world.



Press Releases

Falmouth Packet
Falmouth Sketches Exhibition

West Briton
Making Pictures Exhibition